Matisses's Satori

Henri Matisse sat with the awareness of who he

believed he was at any given moment and

what he believed about objects

and the luminosity of colors.


He dissolved their boundaries and saw

objects in a different light

What he believed about

those objects became arranged


in a deliberate manner then

became a geometry of feelings

He sat with those new feelings then changed

his opinions, experiencing yet another feeling


He had the sumptuous revelation that

colored surfaces, when taken in fully

are forces, a condensation of the senses

He was then, he believed


a spontaneous vehicle for

hues—for reds—for blues—for green

He realized that he was at any

given moment a chain reaction as


insubstantial as mist, that is to say

a complete artistic language made

from the condensation of the senses which

is the actual equivalent of light


Henri Matisse was able to experience

reality accordingly—as a result of an

instinctual skill, not only the elegance of flat

planes but chiaroscuro too, a harmony made up of


dissonance such as when he became an

object or it him when he dropped the boundaries

of who he believed he was or what he believed

about that object or any ideas about


his feelings, their tonalities made up of the

condensation of the senses or variations of light

made into intimate compositions

He sat with those feelings with


a complete absence of judgement

which further changed his awareness while

colors became saturated in clearly distinct

planes in complete correspondence between


their expression, that is to say in

their emotional contours and in their

appearance, that is to say, in the order

of their composition, that is to say


he sat with that lucid feeling of

dynamic sensuality when the

possibility emerges that beliefs

produce variations of light in


forms just as they are without translating

perceptions or adding opinions

but within the raw energy about and around

beliefs—all forms functioning as a


composition—the blues—the reds—the green

Space once limited and small

became vast—expansive and light

The audacity of awareness was now malleable


Different energies gave and

received tonalities in which

the spontaneous reaction to color

became the requisite element for


the expression of a feeling, the pure

geometry of feeling where the impact

of a scene upon the senses becomes

flow, an undulation of an infinity


of feeling rather than a finite, closed-in

reality but one in which the luminosity of colors

becomes a complete artistic language

that breathes, in which spatial relations


between objects express themselves

through the art of being arranged

in a deliberate manner, their integrity

founded on the awareness of the elements


themselves which creates a flow in

their tension primarily through color

Henri Matisse continued to sit

with the revelation that one belief triggers


another in symbiotic reaction and

without translating perceptions or adding opinions

he brought beliefs and colors—feeling and awareness

into the quivering equilibrium of light through paint



All work protected by copyright © 2017 by Brigid Meier