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I don’t know much about psychedelics; I’m certainly no expert. I did take LSD or psilocybin perhaps a dozen times in the 1960s then a little peyote in the mid-1970s. 


Green Journey - Monoprint

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I embarked upon maybe another dozen plant medicine journeys in the 1990s so I’m not a seasoned psychonaut. I never even smoked much weed until strains high in CBD became available. I’ve experimented a couple of times within the past two years with micro-dosing psilocybin mushrooms and I’ll probably do that again; it seems to potentiate the effects of the Reishi mushrooms I take. It’s like they’re old friends, delighted to be getting together again. A lot of sychronicities unfold while micro-dosing. It’s a vast, interesting, unexplored practice.


A few weeks ago a friend who leads ayahuasca ceremonies asked me when I was going to take a full blown psychedelic again. I replied that I currently didn’t have any questions; I feel as if I got my marching orders from that first journey with ayahuasca in 1993 and I’m still working to manifest the directives I received back then. She replied, “You don’t need to have any questions; maybe the medicine has something it wants to tell you.” I can see how that could be true and maybe I’m just chickenshit, but right now I don’t want to shoehorn a journey into my very rich, full life. I feel as if I’m receiving plenty of guidance / messages / feedback from the phenomenal world already!


But I won’t say never again to taking a psychedelic / entheogen. Who knows what the future may bring? I’m open. And I’m confident I’ll know when the next journey wants to take place.

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